3 Excellent Tips That Can Help in Pre-planning Your Funeral With Great Ease

While planning a funeral is never an easy task, it becomes all the more difficult when you are planning your own funeral in advance. While it is common to plan ahead for happy occasions in your life, people in Singapore have now also started pre-planning for their funerals as well.

With the help of funeral pre-planning services, you can actually reduce the burden of your family and let them honour your legacy and mourn your death in peace without having to worry about the funeral arrangements. You can get the help of funeral planning services to settle the funeral arrangements.

By engaging pre-planning funeral services that takes care of matters such as choosing the type of casket and flowers, and deciding between cremation and burial, you can help your family in respecting your wishes during the last rites and memorial services.

Here’s a look at tips that can help in pre-planning a funeral with ease:

1. Make an up-to-date will

If you don’t make a will when you are alive, the court will make a decision on how to distribute the assets that you own amongst your family. In the absence of a will, your family might feel confused about what should be done with your property and in the worst case it may also lead them to fight over your property and assets.

2. Decide what you want to be done with the remains

There are several options when it comes to disposing the remains. As a part of the funeral pre-planning process, you need to decide the type of service you want. There are two options for your service: cremations and burials. If you go with the burial, you can choose from in-ground burial, above-ground burial, natural burial or private burial. Let’s explore these different options:

– Direct Burial

In direct burial, the deceased is buried a short time after the death. If you opt for direct burial, the memorial services are planned later on. There is no viewing or embalming in the case of a direct burial.

– Natural Burial

In a natural burial, the remains are put in a biodegradable container after cremation. It is kept in a wildlife conservation area or natural woodland area. The cost of this type of burial is relatively cheaper.

– Funerals

Usually, a funeral service consists of a visitation service followed by a hearse moving the body to the place of funeral in a cemetery. The funeral home fee is inclusive of embalming, dressing the deceased, and renting the place for the funeral services.

3. Choose a POD (payable on death) bank account

Banks allow the account holders to add POD agreements in their bank deposits. It allows the transfer of all accounts, saving bonds, and certificates of deposit to the beneficiaries.

Explore the web for more information and suggestions on choosing the best pre-planning funeral services so that you can ease the burden on your family.